You are invited to sit quietly, relax, and immerse yourself in the continuous stream of Scalar Waves and Bio photons. The Healing Realm is a relaxing lounge room environment, set up with a 12-unit EE System and 10 comfortable recliner chairs in a spaced-out layout. It’s quiet, dark and a restful healing environment that you will be sharing with others –a maximum of 9 other people.
We recommend closing your eyes to achieve the highest benefit and for inducing a meditative state, as roughly 60%-70% of our mental energy is used when our eyes are open. The bio-photonic and scalar wave energy begins to work immediately as soon as you enter the room.
Some people report feeling subtle tingly sensations immediately and throughout the session. To those who don’t feel this, not to worry. The EES photonic energy is still working, even if you don’t feel any tingling sensations. Some people are more sensitive to energies.
Members have commented that they are surprised how quiet their minds become within minutes and either fall asleep, deeply relax, or meditate, emerging from the room feeling rejuvenated with some physical, emotional, or spiritual change as the body’s innate intelligence knows what to prioritise first.
Dr. Michaels likes to say, “It’s like plugging in to God’s light socket.”
The EE system is an advanced frequency technology, used for your own unique intended well-being. All things are possible. Come with an open heart and mind. Set your intentions for what you want to achieve.
Dr Sandra recommends a detoxifying salt bath (not Epson salts) after you EE System session and drink plenty of clean filtered water to continue the detoxification process. You can purchase a salt combination pack from The Healing Realm to assist with after EE session care as to continue feeling benefits, purchase as scalar infused medallionsand bracelets.To purchase online here is the link: https://www.thehealingrealm.org/shop

You can book as an individual hiring out the entire room or for a group of 4and any number of people in between. The price remains the same whether for one person or for 4. For making a booking or enquiry, please email connect@thehealingrealm.org or call 0414850250. Once you have booked, an email will be sent out with more information and a link for full payment prior to arriving.

For overnight sessions, the hours are 8pm until 6am. Please arrive on time for a brief run down. We supply the bed and bottom sheet; you will need to bring your own pillow and blanket or whatever you feel comfortable with.
Toilet & shower facilities are available in the centre for guest use. Please bring your own towel and any toiletries you require.
No mobiles or laptops can be used whilst in session. Ensure your mobile phones are on silent or off. Feel free to bring an eye mask, ear plugs and headphones.
Filtered water is available at the Healing Realm. We have a mini fridge for overnight use to place your snacks.

Yes, This is a shared space for maximum impact, and you can book a group of five and receive the discounted rate or if you’re interested in 10 people booking or hiring out the room for more than 2 hrs as private group session, please email us on Connect@thehealingrealm.org

Yes, to learn more about what other people have experienced visit the testimonials section; https://www.unifydhealing.com/testimonials and to read scientific studies conducted on the EES from Stanford and Harvard PhDs and MDs please visit the research page clinical trials. We hope this empowers you to learn and make your own decision regarding your own health and wellness.

We offer:

You may cancel or re-book up to 48 hours free of charge.
Cancellations or re-bookings within 24 hours’ notice will be charged 50% of the session cost.
Cancellations less than 24 hours or a no show will be charged a full session cost.
Note: For circumstances out of your control please feel free to contact us.

All sales are final and non-refundable, however If you are unable to attend all of your prepaid sessions, You may transfer these sessions to a friend or family member.

Scalar waves are formed when two identical frequencies from opposite directions come together and collide. This results in cancelling out of any free movements and the creation of a stationary and static energy field. Additionally, it contains circles of energy that radiate outwards in balanced networks, which help in creating a field of live energy systems.
Initially, Tesla had planned to use this energy for telecommunications such as radio as a wave carrier, which would rule out the need for cables or wires. He also successfully powered an automobile with the help of transmitters that received scalar energy and transferred them to the engine of the car.
Scalar wavescan be adapted for remedial uses because scalar energy can break down any molecular bonds of harmful fungi and bacteria. It also helps in neutralizing harmful man-made electromagnetic frequencies and radiations. It is due to these radiations and frequencies that imbalances and illnesses are caused in the human body. Scalar Waves can also be used for communication, and potentially a power source.

You can book a 1 hr session at out bath house to assist with the detoxification process and enjoy the tranquillity and nature from the pool or spa whilst also enjoying the healing effects of the infra-red sauna.

In addition, Dr Sandra recommends a home detoxifying salt bath (not Epson salts) after your EE System session and to drink plenty of clean filtered water to continue flushing out the toxins.

You can purchase a salt combination pack from The Healing Realm to assist with after EE session care as to continue feeling benefits, purchase as scalar infused medallions and bracelets. To purchase online here is the link: https://www.thehealingrealmorg/shop