The Healing Realm

About Symmone Gordon

The Healing Realm Founder

My fascination with the non-physical, metaphysical world began at a young age when I could see and communicate with spirits. I thought it was normal but evidently not, so I was ‘encouraged’ to enter the real world where my focus became business.

Curiousity with a ‘can-do’ attitude led me to a diversity of entrepreneurial ventures such as fashion design, retreat centre operations, stock market trading, and contracting to the Cotton foundation to set up sustainable agriculture systems, coupled with community development. Humanitarian work with a good dose of activism was another avenue of service.

Throughout this time, to keep my other worldly pursuits alive, I travelled to different countries, studying alongside spiritual teachers and seeking answers for myself and to help others on a deeper emotional level.

Over the past seven years metaphysics beckoned me back in a big way and I fused my ability as a psychological astrologer, clairvoyant, counsellor, and mentor to help entrepreneurial women overcome limiting beliefs. I specialised in identifying emotions embedded in recurring patterns, and translated astrological cycles that hindered my client’s potential for greatness. 

Intuitively, I sensed that this phase of my work was coming to an end in 2022 as a greater vision had been brewing in the background for the past decade. I had been waiting for the right timing, knowing that this vision would materialise when humanity was on the verge of transitioning from old enslavement control to higher states of consciousness and empowerment.

That’s when I ‘accidentally’ came across the EESystem during an interview between Jason Shurka and Dr Sandra Michael Rose. I realised that the EESystem was to be the first phase called The Healing Realm — The purpose of The Healing Realm is to provide a haven where people can relax and immerse themselves in a coherent environment that restores body, mind, and spirit.


Where is The Healing Realm Heading?

The Healing Realm is evolving into a transformative sanctuary, integrating independently owned businesses, community initiatives, nature and water therapy, and sacred geometry building design. It will combine education, advanced healing modalities, organic food, sound healing, sustainable practices, and multidisciplinary self-development approaches for individuals of all ages and levels of consciousness.

This sanctuary will offer a space where people can disconnect from distractions and delve into peaceful states, exploring deeper spiritual and material possibilities beyond the confines of dogma. It will be a destination for self-discovery, pioneering new paths of change and evolution.

The nature and wellness sanctuary will serve as both the container and catalyst, The sanctuary will provide a space to disconnect from distractions, explore spiritual and material possibilities beyond dogma, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and evolution. It will emphasise rejuvenation, stillness, and clarity to unlock individuals’ potential while promoting a symbiotic relationship with the living earth and sustainable pathways for the future.